About the Academy

The Chimmy's Golf Academy presents a unique opportunity for everyone to access professional golf instruction.Chimmy’s Golf Academy with our team of coaches operate at the golden green golf and country club. We at Chimmy's Golf run programmes for all levels of golfers, beginner to elite of all ages.We are sure that you are aware that golf is a sport where technique plays a fundamental role. Many talented golfers struggle to achieve their potential, as they lack access to proper training opportunities. Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in India. Additionally, golf imbibes strong character traits, which is why golf is a popular corporate sport.

Chimmys Golf has always been synonymous with golf, with its 3 different divisions -Club fitting and Club making, Golf course Architects and Designers and The Golf academy. The organization has been set up by Mr. Sundeep Verma, a professional golfer, instructor, club fitter and club maker. He has had an association with the game of golf for the past 16 years. He is a certified golf instructor by the Indian National Golf Academy and has also received training at the Harvey Pennick Golf Academy, Austin, Texas. Besides this he has also worked with renowned coaches such as Mr. kel Lewellen , Mr. Danato de Ponsiano and Mr. Claude Harmon III.

The Trainers

Sundeep Verma has been a club fitter for Six years. He is a certified clubfitter and a club maker and has received his certification from Golf Smith (USA).He is a Founding member of the International Professional Association of Clubfitters (U.S.A), member of Golf Clubmaker's Association (USA), and a GCA accredited professional clubmaker. He is also a member of the Professional Clubmaker's Society (USA), the only independent clubmaker's body in the world.

WWe would like to introduce Mr. Pritam Saikia to you who has joined hands with Mr.Sundeep Verma as the head coach at Chimmys Golf Academy. Pritam is arguably one of the best golfers of the country and a prominent competitor on the pro tour in India for the last six years. He has earned laurels both as an amateur as well as a professional. Additionally, Pritam holds a license for golf instruction from the Indian National Golf Academy and has been coaching for the last five years at the prestigious RCGC, Kolkata.

We at Chimmys Golf are providing packages for beginners at very reasonable rates. It has come to our knowledge that a lot of people in Gurgaon and Delhi want to take up golf but don't know how to go about it mainly due to lack of knowledge or because it is just too expensive. To start playing golf a person inevitably needs to be a member of a Golf Club, buy golf equipment and basically shell out a lot of money. We at Chimmys Golf will help you, not only in making this game pleasurable, but also affordable. We will be providing our clients with golf clubs as well as golf balls and also the facilities of a golf club. We also have tie ups with most of the top club manufacturing companies of the world which would be an added advantage.

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